Instructors or dance companies can lease one of the Street Beatz Studios on an hourly basis to hold their own dance classes, workshops or rehearsals. We have 2 separate studios for our instructors to rent with waiting areas, stereo systems, disco lights and more. Instructors set their own class times, class fees, class sizes and age ranges. They are responsible for promoting their own classes, enrolling students in their classes and collecting class fees. Each instructor is in total control of their own classes, making them their own boss with unlimited income potential

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Let’s face it, if you want to teach a class in Knoxville, you really only have two options:

  1. You teach at a current dance studio or fitness center and get paid by the hour or by  the class.  This option limits the amount of money you can make, dictates your schedule and may even limit you to what type of class and age group you can teach, or….
  2. You have found a place to hold your class or private lesson, like a church or your basement.  In this scenario, the facility where you hold your class may not be the perfect venue.  It may have carpet when you really need hardwood floors, you may have to lug your stereo with you every time you hold a class, or there may not be a waiting area for parents or children.

Street Beatz Studio solves all these issues by allowing you to

  • Choose your own class schedule and class length
  • Set your own class fees
  • Control your own class size
  • Decide what age group you want to teach
  • All while renting a fully equipped dance studio so you can just show up and teach!